• Facilities
    • There are few yacht clubs on the Pacific Coast which can boast of the combined facilities available to the membership of BYC. The recently enlarged clubhouse contains two decks of meeting rooms which include areas for the governing board, various committees, social and yachting events and Junior member activities.

      The main dining room, with its outstanding view of Newport Bay, features full course meals prepared and served by BYC's own chef and staff. There's also a snack bar on the lower level open during the summer. And the Burgee Bar, spectacular at sunset, is also known by yachtsmen from coast to coast for its famous firepit, which is always available after a rugged sail for "drying out".

      "Closest to the jetty" best describes BYC's choice location to the Bay entrance, making access to the ocean both fast and convenient. BYC also has an extensive mooring area on the bay directly in front of the Club. Regular shore boat service provides prompt access for members to and from their boats.
      Adjacent to the Club on the north is the Balboa Yacht Club marina which provides fully-equipped slips for boats up to 80 feet in length. Full docking privileges are available to members. The large, dry storage areas on both sides of the Clubhouse now accommodate over 250 day sailors and runabouts plus 160 sabots. Each dry storage area has its own power hoist to facilitate launching. All port facilities are supervised and maintained by BYC's Port Captain, together with a professional Dockmaster and his crew.

      Available Slips:
      Slip 16 - 35'
      Slip 17 - 35'
      Slip 18 - 30'
      Slip 54 - 35'
      Slip 60 - 40' ET
      Slip 62 - 30'

  • Upon Arrival
      • All yachts visiting BYC must identify themselves by flying their yacht club burgee.

      • For space availability and assignment, check in with the Dockmaster and fill out a Guest Moorage Registration card.

      • Visit the BYC lobby office in the Clubhouse entry on Bayside Drive. Present your yacht club affiliation card and receive a BYC guest card for other reciprocity privileges.

      • Keys for the heads and showers and a gate card to gain access to the grounds after closing hours are available from the Dock Crew for a $25 deposit. The keys and gate cards must be returned prior to departure. Your deposit is refundable in full. Should you leave without returning your key and gate card, please mail them back to BYC, and your deposit will be mailed to you promptly.

      • Messages may be received or left at the lobby office.

  • Facilities at BYC
      • Water and 30 amp power are available at the guest dock. No charge is made for these services unless there is an extraordinary large use of them.

      • Heads and showers are located in the Shop Building in the South Yard and in their own building in the North Yarda. A key is needed for access in the North Yard head and can be obtained from the Dock Crew.

      • Your gate card will provide access to the club grounds through the South and North gate next to clubhouse, should you return after closing hours.

      • If you are assigned a mooring, daily shoreboat service is available from 0800 until 30 after sundown, unless otherwise posted. Contact the Dockmaster on VHF channel 69 or with your signal horn (3 long blasts).

      • Ice is available in the freezer located on the south side of the Clubhouse. Check with the Office or Dockmaster for a key to the freezer and charges.

      • Trash bins are located in the South parking lot and in the North Yard.

      • Visit the Ships Store for BYC shirts, jackets, hats and various other articles. Displays are located in the Main lobby. Ask at the Office for help with your selections.

      • If you are in need of any assistance, please ask the Dockmaster.

      • The Club is open daily from 0800 to 2200 except Monday and Tuesday; however the docking facilities (including Dockmaster) are available seven days a week.

      • Please present your Guest Card when requesting seating in the Dining Room.

  • Club Rules
      • All members from clubs with whom BYC has reciprocal privileges are provided 24 hour free moorage. Current membership cards must be shown on request.

      • Rafting is not permitted in the moorings.

      • Pets are not allowed in the Clubhouse or the immediate surrounding premises. Pets shall be kept on a leash at all times when on other club property.

      • Fishing is not allowed on the docks.

      • Barbecuing on the docks is prohibited.

      • Boating clothes are considered the minimum appropriate attire in the Clubhouse. Shoes and shirts are required at all times in the Clubhouse. NO hats are allowed in the Dining Room.

      • Tipping of BYC employees is not allowed. A Club charge will be added to all food and beverage sales, except at the snack bar.

      • Proper yachting etiquette must be observed at all times. No drying of towels, clothing or bedding on the docks; sails properly furled (and covered if stay is more than one day); no major maintenance on docks and no unsightly gear adrift.

  • Reciprocal Clubs
    • Our Reciprocal Policy is in two parts. First, we welcome members of most recognized yacht clubs to our clubhouse facilities. We have an excellent Galley and very friendly Burgee Bar. We are open Wednesday through Sunday with lunch and dinner served every day. Breakfast is served on Saturdays and Sundays. Please contact the BYC Front Office to inquire about reciprocity privileges with your Yacht Club.

      Because of the limited amount of moorage in our area we can only offer this part of our facility to members of other clubs that also have such accommodations , i.e. moorage available to our members while cruising in your area.

      West Coast Yacht Clubs to which we offer reciprocal privileges.

      Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
      Newport Harbor Yacht Club
      Anacapa Yacht Club
      Oceanside Yacht Club
      Anacortes Yacht Club
      Orcas Island Yacht Club
      Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club
      Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club
      Bellingham Yacht Club
      Pacific Mariners Yacht Club
      Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club
      Port Angeles Yacht Club
      California Yacht Club
      Portland Yacht Club
      Channel Island Yacht Club
      Queen City Yacht Club
      Chula Vista Yacht Club
      Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
      Cornado Cays Yacht Club
      Royal Victoria Yacht Club
      Coronado Yacht Club
      Saint Francis Yacht Club
      Dana Point Yacht Club
      San Diego Yacht Club
      Dana West Yacht Club
      San Francisco Yacht Club
      Del Rey Yacht Club
      San Luis Yacht Club
      Everett Yacht Club
      Santa Barbara Yacht Club
      Hawaii Yacht Club
      Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club
      Huntington Harbour Yacht Club
      Sausalito Yacht Club
      Kaneohe Yacht Club
      Seal Beach Yacht Club
      King Harbor Yacht Club
      Seattle Yacht Club
      Kona Kai International Yacht Club
      Semiahmoo Yacht Club
      Lido Isle Yacht Club
      Shoreline Yacht Club of Long Beach
      Long Beach Yacht Club
      Silver Gate Yacht Club
      Los Angeles Yacht Club
      South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club
      Maple Bay Yacht Club
      Southwestern Yacht Club
      Mission Bay Yacht Club
      Tacoma Yacht Club
      Morro Bay Yacht Club
      Ventura Yacht Club
      Nanaimo Yacht Club
      Waikiki Yacht Club
      Navy Yacht Club Channel Islands
      Westlake Yacht Club
      Navy Yacht Club Long Beach
      Navy Yacht Club San Diego

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